Executive Coach, Consultant and Public Speaker on diversity issues. Claire Singers

Claire coaches a diverse range of clients at different stages of their careers, but with the shared goal of using coaching to enhance learning and performance.

Board and Executive Directors

The role of director can be both exhilarating and isolating presenting professional and personal challenges. Claire’s work as MD of a successful agency as well as working with high profile clients, gives her a unique insight into the pressures that come with leadership.

Rising Stars

The leaders of tomorrow inhabit a very different world from the leaders of today: SMART Working, a better live/work balance, often digitally ‘on’ 24/7. Coaching plays a vital role in enhancing performance of Generation Y, gaining self awareness, a greater sense of control and prepares them for leadership.

Senior Women

Gender diversity at senior level is still a goal rather than a reality. The value of promoting women to senior positions and retaining them has a proven positive impact on organisations. Senior women benefit from specialist coaching from a practitioner that has experienced and understands the challenges they face. Claire is also an Associate Consultant with EDGE Foundation (Global certification for gender equality)

Maternity and Paternity

The decision to become parents and then becoming parents, are life-changing events like no other . They present a mixture of emotions and challenges which coaching can help navigate, especially with the transition from work and back to work.

Line Managers

The line manager of new parents has the crucial role in managing a successful transition back to work. Coaching can enable the line manager to gain an awareness of the often sensitive parental issues and highlight how he can support new parents to achieve a balance. He can also play a wider role to ensure that company culture is supportive of colleagues who are new parents.